How to Build a PoC – “كيفية بناء “إثبات المفهوم

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Step 1: Proof of Concept

A proof of concept is an approach to build a “THING” to check a certain idea in order to confirm that it is feasible, viable, applicable in practice and really meets a particular business need.

In a nutshell,

  • It addresses the following question: Can a product be built or not?
  • It describes the idea, functionality, and feasibility of a product.

Step 2: Prototyping

The prototype has the design, appearance, functions, and other components of the product theoretically visualized in the POC project.

Step 3: Learning

Step 4: Drawing Ideas and Playing With Scenes

The following tools help in making a rough drawing of the ideas or to create scenarios or scenes of the concept.

Step 5: High Level Tools

Step 6: From the Shelf (Limited Resources Platforms)

Step 7: From the Shelf (for Great Projects )

  • Pc equivalent board:
  • Node-RED began as a proof-of-concept for visualising and manipulating mappings between MQTT topics, quickly became a much more general tool that could be easily extended in any direction. :

Step 8: Components Suppliers

Step 9: Open Hardware Designers

Step 10: Self Designed Prototypes

Step 11: Pcb Manufacturing

The best:

Step 12: Pcb Assembly

for small batches up to 30 pcs:

Step 13: For Lazy Guys


Step 14: Enjoy

الحمد لله رب العالمين

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